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Holeshot converters feature furnace brazed impeller and turbine, new precision steel alloy pump drive tube, new heavy duty needle bearings between the stator and impeller (not a thrust washer) and needle bearings between the stator and turbine. Other features include a new turbine hub and new springs and rollers in the stator. This converter has a 11.437 inch bolt circle and 1.375 inch crank pilot.If your vehicle is equipped with a plate type nitrous system, please refer to the Nitrous Holeshot line of converters. Stall speed listings are based on engines producing 230lb. ft. of torque at 2,500 rpm. More torque at 2,500 rpm will give you more stall speed, less torque at 2,500 rpm will give you less stall speed than the stall speed ratings indicated.

Leverantörens produktinformation
  • Automotive Item Grade: High Performance
  • Flexplate Change Needed: Yes
  • Furnace-Brazed: Yes
  • Material: Steel
  • Stall Speed (RPM): 2800-3200
  • Title: B&M 10425 Torque Converter, Holeshot 3000
  • Trans Model: Chrysler- Torqueflite A727 (Auto) 3 Speed
  • Trans Year: 1967
  • Trans Year: 1968
  • Trans Year: 1969
  • Trans Year: 1970
  • Trans Year: 1971
  • Trans Year: 1972
  • Trans Year: 1973
  • Trans Year: 1974
  • Trans Year: 1975
  • Trans Year: 1976
  • Trans Year: 1977
  • Trans Year: 1978
  • Trans Year: 1979
  • Trans Year: 1980
  • Trans Year: 1981