Förgasare Brawler street

Quick Fuel : BR-67313

Artikelnr: QFTBR-67313

750 cfm. Elektrisk Choke. Brawler Street 4150. Mekaniskt andrasteg. Svart & Lila eloxering, Dubbla bränsleingångar.

Brawler Street Carburetors The Brawler Series aluminum street carburetors are designed and manufactured with the latest air/fuel technology for todays street or race demands. These carburetors feature black billet metering blocks and throttle bodies which provide superior durability and throttle shaft stability. Changeable idle and high speed air bleeds, and four-corner idle adjustment allow precision tuning. All models are equipped with an electric choke and available in 600, 650, 750 and 850 versions with either mechanical or vacuum secondaries. Made in USA.
  • Choke: Elektrisk
  • CFM: 750
10 I lager

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