Lyftare Hydraul Roller

CompCams : 85401-16

Artikelnr: com85401-16
Chevrolet Early model BB 396-454 with flat tappet cam, fits standard & tall-lifter-bore aftermarket blocks Dia: .842" Seat Hight: 2.475"
COMP Cams Evolution Hydraulic Roller Lifters are the first to use our newly patented Hydraulic Cartridge Technology (HCT). This revolutionary design offers the most reliable performance of any lifters in the aftermarket. A combination of a self-contained hydraulic cartridge within a thick-wall lifter body with reduced oil volume that is less affected by aeration delivering the most consistent bleed rates between each lifter. • HCT and proprietary methods ensure unparalleled precision and longevity • Developed specifically to meet performance and durability demands of modern street performance engines • Hydraulic element is serviceable, allowing anyone to rebuild • Precision-controlled bleed-down rate ensures excellent performance at high RPM
  • Lifter Body Diameter: 0.842 IN
  • Lifter Finish: As Ground
  • Lifter Overall Height: 3.23 IN
  • Lifter Seat Cup Diameter: 0.3125 IN
  • Lifter Seat Height*: 2.475 IN
  • Lifter Style: Hydraulic Roller
  • Lifter Travel: 0.15 IN
  • Lifter Wheel Diameter: 0.7 IN
  • Linkbar Bottom: 2.59
  • Oil Band Bottom: 0.93 IN
  • Oil Band Top: 1.42 IN
  • Pushrod Seat Offset: N/A
  • Recommended Preload: 0.1 IN
  • Retention Method: Linkbar
  • Roller Type: Needle Bearing
  • Fabrikat: Chevrolet
  • Motortyp: Big Block
  • Typ: Hydraulisk
  • Typ: Rullyftare
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