Cardone : 208752

Artikelnr: cdo208752
Med behållare 1996-00 VOYAGER
  • Box Part Number: WM-5
  • Canada VIO Count: 10614
  • Cardone Pop Code: W
  • E-Waste: No
  • FAQs: A whining pump is usually caused by air in the power steering system. Inspect the reservoir for proper fluid level. If fluid has foam or air bubbles present, air has entered the system or has not been properly bled (ensure all hoses/clamps are tight). Some systems require special vacuum bleeding procedures.
  • FAQs: I bought a replacement power steering pump and my original pulley has a loose fit on the replacement pump shaft. What should I do?
  • FAQs: I only have assist when increasing engine rpm after installing the replacement pump. What's causing this?
  • FAQs: Most likely cause is contamination. Remove the pressure hose and pressure fitting on the power steering pump. Remove the flow control valve and spring. Clean the valve and check the valve bore for damage. Reinstall the spring, valve, fitting and hose. Flush and bleed system and re-test. If okay, install power steering filter to prevent problem from re-occurring.
  • FAQs: Should I ever change my fluid, even though nothing is wrong?
  • FAQs: The end of the original pump's input shaft enlarged causing the pulley hole to increase during removal. The pulley must be replaced.
  • FAQs: The problem is not in the pump, it is in the steering gear. The pump would cause a steering problem in both directions.
  • FAQs: Why do I still have hard steering in one direction after I replaced the pump?
  • FAQs: Why is the pump making a whining noise all of the time?
  • FAQs: Yes. Some O.E. manufacturers recommend that power steering fluid be changed at 50,000 miles and continue at that interval. Just like engine oil, power steering fluid will eventually break down and carry suspended contaminants from component wear and breakdown. Follow your vehicle's O.E. manufacturer's recommendations on fluid change intervals.
  • Features and Benefits: All critical components (cam packs, spool valves, etc.) are triple-tested to ensure product reliability.
  • Features and Benefits: All units are built with 100% new O-rings and premium-grade HNBR seals to prevent leaks. HNBR does not break down at high temperatures like conventional seal material.
  • Features and Benefits: As a remanufactured Original Equipment part, this unit guarantees a perfect vehicle fit.
  • Features and Benefits: FInal pump assembly is computer-tested to measure pressure, bypass, fluid flow, valve operation, steering effort and noise to ensure reliable performance.
  • Features and Benefits: Our remanufacturing process is earth-friendly, as it reduces the energy and raw material needed to make a new part by 80%.
  • Features and Benefits: Shafts are surfaced to precise specifications to eliminate premature seal wear and extend pump life.
  • Features and Benefits: Units are supplied with 100% tested and calibrated pressure relief valves.
  • Hose Port Type: O-Ring
  • Housing Material: Cast Iron
  • Mounting Hardware Included: No
  • Package Contents: Hydraulic Pump; Instruction Sheet; Sealing Kit
  • Power Steering Outlet ID Size: 0
  • Power Steering Outlet Thread Size: 16x1.5
  • Power Steering Pump Inlet Attachement Type: Hose Barb
  • Power Steering Pump Outlet Attachment Type: Threaded
  • Power Steering Pump Outlet Quantity: 1
  • Power Steering Reservoir Cap Included: No
  • Product Condition: Remanufactured
  • Product Line Marketing Stmt: After 50 years of leadership in the automotive aftermarket, we are excited to start the next chapter of CARDONE's dynamic history. We are positioned to support the next wave of vehicle technology and ready to innovate new solutions that bring value to our customers - all while upholding sustainable business practices and high ethical principles. We build it better.
  • Pulley Attachement Type: Press-On
  • Pulley Included: No
  • Qty To Pallet: 168
  • Remote Reservoir: Yes
  • Reservoir Included: Yes
  • 4684140: Chrysler
  • 4684140: Dodge
  • 4684140: Plymouth
  • 4684156: Chrysler
  • 4684156: Dodge
  • 4684156: Plymouth
  • 4684158: Dodge
  • 4684158: Plymouth
  • 4684158AB: Chrysler
  • 4684158AB: Dodge
  • 4684158AB: Plymouth
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