Strålkastare LED

Holley : LFRB105

Artikelnr: hollfrb105
Gul, 5.75" Rund Modern strålkastare för old school sealed beam system. Använder 5700k Led lampa. Säljes Styckvis OBS. Vi garanterar ej att dessa lampor är godkända av Svensk Bilprovning.
We all love the look of classic sealed beam headlights, but the dim halogen light output makes nighttime driving a potentially risky endeavor for you and your beloved classic. Holleys new RetroBright LED Headlights offer a number of advantages over traditional sealed beam headlights such as plug and play compatibility, better visibility, and 6 times longer life. Not only that, but because they are LED they take up less space, create far less heat, and use less power than other headlights. Our low-profile housing design fits most shallow headlight buckets found on classic cars without the hassle of cutting or drilling. Holley worked closely with Morimoto, a leader in lighting design, to develop our line-up of lighting solutions that boast a classic look with modern lighting technology. A special PWM LED driver resides inside of the headlight to keep the LEDs running at their peak intensity, even during prolonged periods of use. Bulb Type: PAR46 Plug & Play - Plugs into factory headlight harness for easy installation Classic Styling - Retro styled headlight for period correct appearance Superior - Over 2x the light output of halogens to keep you and your classic safe Low Draw/Extended Life - Less current draw and 6x the life of halogen sealed beams Compliant - No-glare beam pattern meets or exceeds SAE and DOT Requirements Serviceable - Replaceable LED cartridges for easy serviceability Proper Fitment - Engineered to fit most shallow light buckets found on classic vehicles Stronger - UV Treated Polycarbonate Lens wont shatter and is 10x stronger than glass or standard plastic Compatible - Sealed Beam Trade Numbers: 4000, 4040, H4001, H5001, H5006 Color Choice - Available in "Classic White" (3000K bulb) for a warm classic hue, "Modern White" (5700K bulb) for a cleaner modern look, or a Yellow Lens (utilizes 5700K bulb inside)
  • Position: Left or Right
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